Cleaning fittings

Your reflectors are cleaned well with Gebr. Geers mobile washing station.

The reflectors and the light bulbs of your lighting installation must be cleaned every year in order for the reflectors to achieve their maximum light return. This will allow your cultivation to continue growing and flowering. Gebr. Geers knows cleaning your lighting installation at least once a year significantly increases the light return. Having the reflectors thoroughly cleaned is also good for the maintenance of your fittings.

Removing the reflectors

In order to thoroughly clean your assimilation lighting, the reflectors must be removed. All the reflectors are taken off the fittings and taken to the mobile washing station.

Mobile washing station

The mobile washing station of Gebr. Geers is a machine that thoroughly and effectively cleans each reflector. The mobile washing station has special brushes that use demi water and a special cleaning agent. The special cleaning agent is biodegradable and adds a protective coating to the reflectors. The coating ensures that the reflectors are more dirt and dust resistant, maintaining a high light return.

Cleaning light bulbs

When the reflectors are being cleaned by Gebr. Geers and the lighting installation has been removed, it is also possible to clean the light bulbs from the fittings at the same time. We can also take care of the cleaning of your light bulbs. Gebr. Geers uses a special cleaning agent and special cleaning cloths which will make your light bulbs shine again.


Would you like to know how Gebr. Geers can make your reflectors shine again and achieve the maximum light return?

Feel free to contact Bart Geers for further information.

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