The Premium Prefab cable from Gebr. Geers

Gebr. Geers has developed a whole new development at the prefab cabling market; "Premium Prefab". To come to this product, we have made, tested and improved demos for many years. The first Premium Prefab from Gebr. Geers is delivered and installed in May 2018. Today, our Premium Prefab cabling meets various strict standards and is an indispensable part of assimilation lighting systems. Gebr. Geers offers a perfect product for a good price!



Our Premium prefab has a CE Mark. CE means "Conformité Européenne" and this mark indicates that the product meets the requirements of European directives. In short, our Premium Prefab meets European regulations.

IP standardization

The IP designation is laid down internationally in standard 60529 of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The first figure is the degree of protection against solid objects and dust. The second digit indicates the degree of protection against moisture and water. The Premium Prefab from Gebr. Geers is encrypted with IP65. This means that the product is both (spray)water resistant and dust resistant.


The Premium Prefab is C RU US certified. This means that we can also offer our product on the American and Canadian markets.



In addition to the strict standards that our Premium Prefab meets, there are other benefits of the product:

  • Quality product and 100% reliable
  • Strong solid connection through a larger contact surface
  • Connected by copper to copper weld connections, instead of Scottslock connections
  • Solid plastic jacket instead of heat shrink tubing
  • UV resistant
  • Tested with a computer with high voltage for phase distribution insulation value and short circuit


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