Assimilation lighting for potted plants

The right lighting during each cultivation phase!

The potted plants must be able to grow all year round in your horticultural business. By using the right assimilation lighting, potted plants can be cultivated and sold to customer twelve months per year. The lighting installation of Gebr. Geers allows you to achieve the best possible return from your potted plants.

Lighting requirement per cultivation phase

Each cultivation phase of potted plants requires a different type of lighting. These phases are: taking root, pairs of leaves, length, flower stems, budding and flowering period. The right assimilation lighting is required for an optimum growth per cultivation phase. Gebr. Geers can advise you which option best suits your requirements.

Supply and delivery of assimilation lighting

Examples of potted plants where Gebr. Geers supplied and fitted the following assimilation lighting:

- Orchid
- Anthurium
- Gerbera
- Chrysanthemum
- Lisiantus
- Rose
- Lilly
- Freesia
- Alstroemeria


Would you like Gebr. Geers to supply the lighting installation for your potted plants?

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