Fitting assimilation lighting

Your assimilation lighting is expertly fitted by Gebr. Geers

Achieving a good assimilation level, and the right level of light for your vegetables, cut flowers, potted plants or propagation is extremely important. Each cultivation requires a different light intensity. By optimizing your growth light for the cultivation, you achieve the best return.

Fast and expert fitting

Gebr. Geers is your business partner for the supply, installation and maintenance of your assimilation lighting installation. The experts of Gebr. Geers will fit the lighting in your greenhouse in no time. Gebr. Geers uses different techniques to fit assimilation lighting. One of the latest techniques for the fitting of assimilation lighting is Prefab. Our main goal is to provide a customer oriented, flexible and fast fitting of your assimilation lighting.

Maintenance after installation

After installing your lighting installation, we can also take care of the maintenance and cleaning for you.This means you don't have to worry about your assimilation lighting anymore, you can just rely on the comprehensive service of Gebr. Geers!


Would you like Gebr. Geers to fit your assimilation lighting?

Feel free to contact Bart Geers for further information.

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